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You are the instrument!

Recently, one of my younger students asked why she had to stretch and do vocal warm-ups before she sang.

I explained to her that she is the instrument. That we stretch our body to get it loose and relaxed so we can sing freely. Then we practice breathing and do vocal warm-ups to help our body get ready for singing.

I compare it to running. Before you run, you have to stretch your leg muscles to warm them up so that they won’t cramp up on you or possibly get pulled or damaged. Your voice is the same way. It’s a muscle and we want to warm it up before we work it out.

Most singers do simple stretching, breathing exercises, and then 10-20 min of warm-ups before they start working out their voices.

Stay tuned for my next blog when we will go over some simple stretches anyone can do to get their body ready for singing.

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