Bells Voice Coaching

Let’s get you singing like a pro!


My students have been so generous to post nice things about me.
I’m grateful for their support as I support them!

“After just a few weeks with Susan, I learned more about singing than I knew there was to know and it has impacted me greatly.”

– Ronald Farnham

“Susan provides detailed and simple to follow instructions that build the student into a singer, even if they don’t think they can sing.”

– David Strickler

“Susan is great with newbies and experienced folks alike. She is able to explain techniques in a way that even inexperienced folks can understand allowing them to get results. As a singer with more experience, she is able to help me tweak my instrument, helping me make small adjustments that make a big difference. After working with Susan during my last show a friend of mine commented to me that it was the best he’s ever heard me sound.”

– Janice Creneti

“Susan taught me how to breathe, shape notes, proper practice, position, how to find the notes and listen to myself, proper warm up, posture… just so many things.”

– Jamie Gillespie

“Sue Bell, the Coach, delivers! NYC needs more instructors who can so generously temper their musical guidance / experience with a touch of class and indelible positive energy. This is what makes students emerge knowing they are not just well taught, but also well supported in their artistic pursuits.”

– Renard Steele

“I truly believe Sue is an excellent vocal coach. Her rendition of ‘ Black Velvet ‘ stands in my mind as exactly how a number should be interpreted. Brilliant !”

– David Reynolds