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Your audition song …making it interesting!

So you have a great audition song but it seems boring or maybe you just aren’t sure what to do to be more then just another pretty voice. Here are a few tips to help make your song and you stand out.

Try looking at your song as a monologue.  Say the words out loud. What do they mean?  How do they make you feel ?  Who would you say these words too? Why would you say them to this person? Where would you be?

These are the questions I always ask myself. You would be amazed how many people can’t answer these questions. Always know who you are singing too. Whether it be a loved one, God, yourself, it doesn’t matter just be specific. Picture them in your mind and imagine saying these words to them and how you would feel as you said them.

Practice this out loud several times without singing. When you feel as if you have a connection emotionally, then start singing the song the same way you spoke it. You should find that the song takes on a new and different energy!

Happy Singing!