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The Tale of Two Voices

I have gotten some questions about the dilemma of having a chest voice and a head voice but no blend in between the two. It almost sounds like two different voices coming from the same person. The problem is we are one person and we want to sound like it.

In most cases the cause is pretty simple. The singer is pushing the voice out using a lot of chest resonation then when they can’t push the chest sound anymore they suddenly flip to resonating in the head but its a sudden change and causes a dramatic difference in sound. Fixing this problem can be done through vocal exercises. Sometimes a simple lip trill going up and down the scales will start to blend the voice from high to low. Then once you can go up and down smoothly using the lip trill, you can start using different vowels oo and aah etc…As with any exercise there is no telling exactly how long it will take but the more time you can spend the faster it will go.

The interesting thing is after you learn to blend your voice, you will find that you have a lot of vocal sounds to pull from and have the control to really wow people with your voice.

If anyone has any stories about their experience with this issue, I would love to hear about it and to share it with my readers.
Good Luck and Happy Singing!!